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Hi Jesper, for what that message means on your Mac, please see this previous discussion. I am new student of graphic design. If you extend the free trial from 30 days and increase it to 60 days , I think more students will have success with your software. I have a purchased a windows version of CS5 that has been uninstalled from a previous computer.

Is a apple trial version available to install from the web and then could I use the install code that I have? Adobe Software Direct Download Links. So, I downloaded both the files File 1 and 2 for illustrator. You need all parts in the same folder in order to extract Adobe Illustrator CS6. And what version of Windows are you running, and is it a bit or bit system that you have? Dear Sir, Dear Sirs, Recently my ssd boot drive failed, as did my backup, leaving me to re-install windows 7 pro from scratch quick tricky for a year old, but made it.

Have lost much of my graphic software, much of which will not run on W10, so stuck with W7. Photoshop Cs5 has been lost.

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I presume mainly to evaluate it. I am checking to see if I can afford to replace it. As I am very familiar with it, I would ask you after 30 days clearly there is a cost to complete an installation. Please advise as with my limited means, may well direct me to buy Elements instead. Your advice would be appreciated.

Regards, George Webster. Sorry to hear about your computer, George. See if these help, and can help get back the software you had:. If you still have your original serial number available, then you should be able to [re]activate Photoshop CS5 using that free trial download. If not, then Adobe no longer sells Photoshop CS of any kind, so the one-off perpetual license you had cannot be replaced.

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However, low-cost Photoshop CC subscriptions are available. Thank you for replying to my e-mail, however you did not appear to answer the main point of my enquiry. Please refer to my original request and you will see that as I have limited means, and no way of recovering my lost software, I wished to know what cost at the end of a trial period to complete the purchase. I would appreciate your response with interest. Again I thank you for prompt follow up. I seem to be missing a point somewhere. Can I make a fresh approach. At present I cannot entertain upgrading to W10 as much of my software will not run on W Hence it would make sense to go for CS5.

Is there a problem. Best of luck! To receive future Adobe discounts and coupon savings directly from ProDesignTools. Thanks for subscribing! Steals Tags: CS5 , download , free , trials. Comments 42 Leave a comment. May 9th, at Where can I download the CS4 trials? Is there any way or place to still get them if I need them? May 10th, at Pangaea , tvshrine — Good news: May 19th, at May 27th, at January 19th, at Can you get a student version of CS5?

The older version? November 9th, at December 20th, at Where can i find it?

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March 3rd, at How do I proceed? Thank you in advance. January 8th, at January 14th, at February 11th, at It features numerous tools for working with digital photos and images. You can adjust curves, correct lens distortions, apply vignettes, and edit images on a pixel-based level. Photoshop Extended also supports 3D graphics, animation, and scientific tools Illustrator CS5 Illustrator allows you to create and edit vector graphics.

Vector graphics can be scaled to virtually any size, perfect for creating designs for anything from postage stamps to billboards. It supports many different fonts, gradient fills, transparencies, and more InDesign CS5 InDesign allows you to design, preflight, and publish documents for print media, online use, and display on mobile devices. It gives you precise control over typography and features a wealth of creative tools. You can even include interactive elements, animation, video, and sound Acrobat 9 Pro Acrobat Pro gives you all the tools necessary to create and package documents in Adobe's ubiquitous PDF file format.

PDFs appear the same on every computer screen and in print, ensuring that your document is delivered in the format that you intended. Acrobat also allows you to create forms which can be filled out electronically, helping to reduce the use of paper in your office Flash Catalyst CS5 Flash Catalyst allows you to convert graphics from Illustrator and Photoshop into interactive content for use with web pages and other user interfaces.

It also supports video, sound effects, and dynamic media. It supports roundtrip editing, animated transitions, and Adobe AIR publishing Flash Professional CS5 Flash Professional allows you to create interactive web pages, applications, and games. It uses the powerful ActionScript coding language to allow you to create fully interactive, cross-platform web applications and games which can run in any web browser using the free Flash Player plug-in.

It also supports video encoding for delivery on the web Flash Builder 4 Flash Builder 4, formerly known as Flex Builder, is a development tool for creating cross-platform rich Internet applications RIAs and content using Adobe's open source Flex framework. It supports many popular content management systems, and allows you to test web page compatibility with the Adobe BrowserLab online service Fireworks CS5 Fireworks is intended to aid you in the creation of optimized graphics for delivery via the web, smartphones, kiosks, embedded displays, and other electronic devices. You can use it to produce web prototypes, user interfaces, and more -- all of which are editable in vector and bitmap modes Contribute CS5 Contribute is a web publishing and site management tool that supports authoring, reviewing, and publishing via an intuitive WYSIWYG HTML editor.

Perfect for web authors who don't want to worry about editing HTML code manually, Contribute also features tools that allow groups to work together on web projects Premiere Pro CS5 Premiere Pro is a full-featured video editing suite, compatible with popular SD and HD video formats. You'll be able to edit movies using a powerful nonlinear approach, complete with support for multi-camera shoots.

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It now supports tapeless workflows, allowing you to edit footage from video cameras that record video to solid-state media After Effects CS5 After Effects allows you to create impressive motion graphics and animation, ideal for use in video projects. It works closely with Premiere Pro and other applications in the suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash. You can become the next George Lucas by using After Effects to add impressive visual effects to your video projects Soundbooth CS5 Soundbooth is a multitrack audio editor, perfect for use with video projects.

You can use it to create layered soundtracks, remove imperfections from audio, and much more. It features tight integration with Premiere Pro, making it easy to sync your edited audio with your video OnLocation CS5 OnLocation allows you to use your computer as a recording storage device for your video camera. You'll be able to avoid logging tapes by sending video directly to your computer's hard drive. OnLocation also features numerous tools to help you monitor your footage as it is recorded, as well as to organize clips and takes Encore CS5 Once your video project is completed, you'll want to deliver it to viewers via DVD, high-def Blu-ray disc, or the web.

This is where Encore steps in. No matter what medium you'd like to use to deliver your message, Encore is up to the task Bridge CS5 Bridge is a powerful media management tool that helps you keep track of your digital assets. It provides a single interface that allows you to browse and access all files that you use in Adobe projects. It also helps you keep track of files when working on a project in multiple Adobe CS applications Device Central CS5 Device Central allows you to simulate a large number of handheld devices, including popular mobile phones, on your computer.

This allows you to see exactly how your projects will run on a specific mobile platform, essential for developers who are creating content for mobile devices Dynamic Link Dynamic Link helps After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Encore talk to each other. It ensures that changes made to assets in one of these applications are automatically reflected in the others. Thanks to Dynamic Link, you'll be able to create motion graphics in After Effects, merge them with video in Premiere Pro, and burn it all to DVD in Encore -- without having to manually migrate media.

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